The Royal Stagg Renaissance Faire!

Greetings and good morrow gentle bipeds, it is I! Your favorite author!

Well…favorite is probably a bit of a stretch but I’d like to think I’m in at least one person’s Top 10.

I’ve started on what I hope to be my third completed book and have already hit a bump but am going to bulldoze over that sucker and plow on ahead! It’s shaping up to be the most difficult story yet as I have taken on some ambitious themes and concepts as well as having to requisition copyright access for a song that Sony owns.

I’m really excited for the weekend because I will be selling The Sword & Shield at the Royal Stagg Renaissance Faire in Marshall, MI! For my local fans words cannot describe how much I would love to meet you in person! And for my non-local fans who are down for a road trip my heart may just burst with joy upon your arrival!

It’s a much smaller faire when you compare it to the one in Holly which, for my non-michiganders, is a permanent and enormous set of stalls, stages, and castles. But if you’d be interested in seeing me in costume peddling my wares all the info can be found at:

Hope to see you there and

Bye for now!

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