Seer: Be Seeing You Real Soon!

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So as many of you know I had a contract with a lovely publishing house and was due to release Seer in late May of this year. Due to a confluence of events and at the fault of no one involved, my agent and I have made the decision to pull the book, give it a little more fine tuning, and pitch it elsewhere later this year.

What does that mean? It means that, at the absolute earliest, Seer will release in late 2022. While this bums me out significantly I know that, ultimately, it was the right decision for my book and for myself.

In other news I had some internal interviews at my company the 6th and 7th of May. I had originally hoped to hear something the following week but came to terms with the fact that these things take time and anything worth fighting for is worth the wait.

I didn’t get one of the positions but it was due to a lack of experience, and nothing I did wrong, so that brings me comfort. I have a second interview friday and an interview for another position Wednesday/tomorrow.

Wish me luck and

bye for now!

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