Setting a Schedule and Keeping to It: A.D.D. Edition

For those of you who are likewise afflicted by a deficit of attention to such a degree that it has been labeled disorderly, you know the struggle. Some things have to be done on a regular basis. Cleaning, exercising, a consistent sleep schedule, and for me in particular – writing.

Setting aside the fact that life is chaos and trying to find a vacant hour every day at the same time that you’re free seems impossible, for someone with ADD even if you have that hour sticking to it is the real challenge.

Let’s say that, hypothetically, there was a magically consistent and available hour wherein I never had plans or commitments. And let’s say that I managed to, at the beginning of that hour, put my butt in my chair and start writing. Staying focused is a bit like playing the violin and dodgeball simultaneously.

Random ideas and distractions will come at me from every direction, sometimes hitting me when I least expect them and my metaphorical guard is down. Suddenly the hour is over and I’m watching a Tiktok about effective resin mixing techniques.

I wish I could say that this was an op-ed post about the methods that work for me but this is something I actively struggle with. If any of my readers have found a solution and they’re willing to share it with me I would love them forever!

In the meantime, I’m doing my best. Self imposed deadlines don’t work for me because I’m intimately familiar with the person who set them and I know she’s full of shit.

Bye for now!

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