A New Addition!


Nothing says BFFFEs (best friends for fucking EVER) quite like matching tattoos. Myself and my platonic soul-mate Amanda took the plunge Saturday and went to her ridiculously talented cousin and tattooist at Old Soul Tattoo Parlor out in Keego Harbor. Not only did she have a delicate touch but she was hella fast and I only needed two breaks despite it being in one of the top ouchie spots on the body!

The inspiration for the tattoo was Tui and La from Avatar the Last Airbender. Or, for non-ATLA nerds, Yin and Yang. But we’re crazy cat ladies so it had to be a cat version. I knew I wanted galaxy so she went with the light version. The horn is there because her spirit animal is a caticorn.

Much like Ezra with his innumerable Death Marks, all my tattoos have special meaning. The main difference is that I didn’t kill anyone to get mine, lol.

Or did I?

In book related news, the updated version of The Sword & Shield should be available on Amazon soon. For the lovely people who have already spent money on an OG version of the book, I’m looking into some way to provide a coupon code of some sort. If you’re going to buy a book twice, you might as well get a discount! At least, that’s what I think.

No promises but if there’s a way then I’m gonna make it happen.

Bye for now!

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