The Beginning of An End

My manuscript basically looks like a high schooler at Carrie’s prom…covered in red.

This Friday I have my third and final meeting with my agent to discuss edits of the first draft of Seer. Not to say that this is my last meeting before the book is finished. It’s the last meeting before I have all the necessary feedback to bring Seer up to it’s second draft. How many drafts will there be? No one knows. It is beyond all comprehension both first and third person omniscient.

I found myself a little overwhelmed near the end of last week with the sheer volume of work that lay ahead of me. I was a bit spoiled in the process of writing Seer. The first draft flowed so easily and was done in roughly six months. The problem with that is that it reads like something that was written in six months. So there are quite a few rough edges that need sanding and holes that need to be sealed up.

It’s not that I’m not excited about the prospect of a shiny and more perfect manuscript. It’s just that I’m naturally a lazy person and would prefer to be put into a medically induced coma and to have someone wake me up after the final draft has been completed. Not too much to ask for, if you ask me…

Then again, given the dark circles under my eyes, a medically induced coma might have the fringe benefit of finally getting me a decent night’s sleep.

On that note, I clock in for work in four minutes so

bye for now!

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