At Long Last!

For my OG fans who read The Sword & Shield in the past year and a half you are familiar with the rough around the edges first attempt at a debut novel. Recently I re-released it with a few updated tidbits, edits, and an all around better version. But because I’m not Scrooge McDuck, I’m not going to ask people who paid for the original to pay for it again.

Therefore, I will be providing a link to a free copy of the e-book! It will be based entirely on the honor system since there’s really no way for me to verify a previous purchase without employing Orwellian tactics. So if you did buy the original version (e-book/audio/physical) then that link is for you!

For those who haven’t purchased it but just want a free book, I can’t stop you but I do ask that, if you enjoyed it that you purchase it afterwards. This is the result of years of work on my part and the blood (papercuts), sweat and tears that I put into it.

In addition, I have a giveaway that any and all purchasers of my book (the new and old versions) are eligible for!

Take a selfie with my book or your tablet/ipad/kindle open to a page of my book. Post that to Instagram or Tiktok (bonus entry if you do both) with the hashtag #catladyEzraToth along with your favorite part of the book. That will enter you to win a limited edition, signed, HARDCOVER edition of The Sword & Shield.

Why limited edition? Because I’m special ordering them and am only going to order five.


So if that’s something that interests you then sign up! Contest runs till the end of October and the winner will be announced November 1st!

Bye for now!

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