Over the past several months (though mostly this last several weeks in a time crunched panic) I have been working on my latest Halloween costume. For anyone who has seen The Mandalorian, you are familiar with the fact that they are a people who wear armor and live by a code of honor. So while I’m not going to be the Mandalorian, I will be a Mandalorian.

You might ask, “Emma, why the rush? You have two weeks till Halloween!” And you would be right. But this past weekend was Motor City Comic Con at the Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi, MI and it was my intention to dress to impress.

I went alone so there are no good selfies of me as selfies are difficult enough to take when full armor isn’t involved but I’ll have some for my halloween post!

Finally, this is my TWO HUNDREDTH blog post, guys! I’m stunned that I’ve managed to keep this going as long as I have to be perfectly honest but I’m proud of myself for sticking with it.

Bye for now!

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