Thankful & Here We Go Again!

Happy Thanksgiving! - College of Natural Science

This year I have a lot to be thankful for. My family, friends, agent, career, health and so much more. Has it been bumpy at times? Of course. But I’m a Michigander and bumpy roads are nothing new.

I’m also thankful for the muse which I had briefly thought abandoned me but she was just taking a vacation. Now she’s back and waking me up at 3AM with new books. Last Tuesday I was woken from a dead sleep at 3AM-ish with a scene from a new book still fresh in my head down to the costumes and intricate hairstyles.

The goal is to have the character profiles for the key players as well as an overall plot outline for the story by the end of this week so that when I shelf it to finish edits on Seer I will still remember the important aspects by the time I can return to it.

I’m not going to give any details regarding this new project but I will say it has re-lit the spark that keeps my writing alive!

Bye for now!

One thought on “Thankful & Here We Go Again!

  1. Can’t wait! So glad your muse returned from vacation. But make sure your creative “little grey cells” get enough sleep! From one Michigander to another – enjoy the white season!

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