Mother Nature Really Went ‘Hold My Beer’

Errant thoughts hold more power than we realize. A careless idea here or there can have very real world consequences. To what, you ask, am I referring?

It’s a matter of snow.

I had a date last Saturday night at the Detroit Zoo’s Wild Lights and passively it occurred to me that a little snowfall would be nice to give me a Winter Wonderland type of feeling. Welp, I don’t know if it was Jack Frost or Mr. Snow or the White Walkers but someone heard me and were more than eager to comply with my wishes.

It was not even close to the worst snowstorm I’ve ever seen but it was for sure one of the heavier November snows.

It has all melted since then but it was beautiful while it lasted.

I have finished the character profiles for my new book idea and just need to outline the story before I can, without reservations, set it aside to resume edits on Seer. My Works in Progress pile is starting to teeter dangerously…

Bye for now!

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