Better Made…But Made Better - Better Made Chocolate Covered Original Potato Chips - Limited Edition - Collectible Tin (Milk Chocolate)
A Midwest Treat

So I love the whole sweet/salty combo and, while I’m still on a weight loss journey, I will buy myself a tin of these every year. The tin should last me till the new year as it doesn’t have much in it and I’m having maybe one chip a day.

That being said, while Better Made is made better than most chips out there, they sometimes mess up the chocolate to chip ratio. With that in mind, my ‘Bonus Mom’ Susanne and I spent Saturday decked out in Christmas clothes, playing season appropriate movies, and making our own chocolate covered chips!

We did a double feature and watched the classics Scrooged as well as Planes, Trains and Automobiles. Making the chocolate chips was a blast and may very well be a new family tradition.

I’m also working on a better made manuscript for Seer. The reason why these edits are so difficult is that they aren’t superficial. I’ve basically got a poorly made, but completed, scarf on my hands. And now I need to go back and make the scarf look nice without unraveling it completely. But I’m gonna do it or die trying!

Bye for now!

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