Write (Not) My Age & Merry Christmas!

Ready for the Holiday party at work!

I recently discussed a new book(s) idea that has me really excited. I’ve finished the plot outline and character profiles so that I can finally edit Seer. The issue I anticipate having with this story is that, while it will be written for YA, the protagonist is only 13. Normally that would suggest a middle-grade audience and it may very well end up that way but based on the vague ideas I have for it, the subject matter and various sequences of events may be too dark or complex for that age group. That being said, I read The Dark Lord of Derkholm (still a favorite) for a third grade book report when I was eight.

So I know that it’s entirely possible for children as young as middle-grade to grasp the concepts I’ll be weaving into this (possibly) trilogy but I want it to appeal to more than just the young Emma-esque readers of the world. None of this will matter if I can’t get my butt in gear and get these edits done. My plan (as I write this on Tuesday the 14th) is to get a bunch done on Sunday the 19th.

Coming at you live from Monday the 20th and the edits did not happen yesterday. Whoops.

Maybe this year Santa will bring me some motivation, lol.

On the subject of Santa, Christmas is right around the corner! Have you finished your holiday shopping? I have two shelves in my closed dubbed the Present Shelves and that is where I keep birthday and Christmas presents that I buy all year round. So if I see something I know a loved one will like, I don’t wait till right before Christmas, I buy it when I see it. Why risk it no longer being available or me forgetting it? At least, that’s how I feel.

I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and, if you have gifts you still need to buy, my book is available on Amazon and Audible among other retailers!

Happy Holidays!

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