Hello Cleveland!

I got an e-mail through work notifying me that I won tickets to see TSO (TranSiberian Orchestra) on Thursday 12/30 at 8PM in…Cleveland!

I’ve been listening to their albums every holiday since before I can remember so naturally I said hellz yes and called Amanda to let her know she was road tripping with me. I phrased it as a question but we both knew she was going.

Two and a half hours (one way) later we were at the RocketMortgage FieldHouse in the ‘Champion Suite’. The food? Amazing. The alcohol? Quality (or so I’m told since I don’t drink, lol). The view? Well look at those pics!

A numerous points in the show I found that my mouth was hanging open in awe. That’s how stellar they were. After years of hearing them I thought I knew what to expect but I was so so wrong. They were a million times better in person!

So I got home at 2AM on the 31st and, consequently, rang in 2022 unconscious as I went to bed at 7:30PM after a hugely successful first date. Me and this guy Travis met early afternoon at Dave & Busters and did dinner after that. It was a four hour first date. We just kept talking and laughing and it was amazing.

So I’m hopeful going into 2022 that, come what may, I’m ready to face it!

bye for now!

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