Crunch & Noom & Oculus: Oh My!

Crunch, Noom and Oculus are going to be things I (hopefully) mention quite a bit moving forward. For those unfamiliar, Crunch Fitness is a gym franchise and Noom is a habit tracking app. Oculus I’ll explain in a bit. I plan on utilizing all three to attain a healthier self in 2022.

I went to Crunch for two classes this past Saturday morning (with my bestie Amanda reluctantly dragged along) and have been spending about 10 minutes a day on Noom going through lessons and logging food/water/weight.

I’m also saving up to get an Oculus Quest 2. For those unfamiliar, it is a VR (virtual reality) headset and you can play games and exercise with it. I figure, fifteen to twenty minutes a day on the Oculus and the gym twice a week I can get to my healthy goal and then some by my birthday!

I’m coming to the realization that my body is a temple and it’s proving difficult to worship at the altar of creativity if that temple is crumbling. So I’m taking care of my body so that I can have a healthier headspace from which to write more books!

Bye for now!

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