Hello Nepal!

One of the many fun features tied into the running of a blog is that I can see where people are tuning in from. This doesn’t apply to those subscribed to my newsletter and get it in their e-mail but for people who actually go to http://www.emmakhoury.com they pop up on this little map. I have pretty consistent readership from the ol’ U.S. of A. of course but what has always surprised me is the consistent viewership from Nepal of all places.

The romantic daydreamer in my has visions of someone in Kathmandu, or even on the slopes of Everest itself, perusing my humble website. To the person from Nepal who checks out my page on the weekly, post in the comments!

Would love to say hi!

bye for now!

One thought on “Hello Nepal!

  1. I’m bummed. I was hoping your friend from Nepal would say hi. In the meantime, I’ve ruined your stats from the USA, because I keep checking. 🙂 Maybe I’m too impatient. We have to give your friend a little more time…

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