Another Faire-ly Successful Faire!

Me and my bestie/platonic soulmate/nextdoor neighbor Amanda.
My display! Next time I do an event I plan on having a sign but since I was selling in Author’s Alley I didn’t feel the need.
Me and the Funko I painted to look like Ezra!

June 4th and 5th I road tripped it up to Charlotte, Michigan and the Eaton County Fairground for the Magical Realm Fantasy Faire. It’s a renaissance faire (much smaller than the Michigan Ren Faire in Holly) that has happened a couple years so far but apparently this was the most successful one yet! Saturday I sold THIRTY books in one day!!!

Sunday I was a bit rainy and it was a Sunday so I only sold sixteen but that’s a total of forty-six books sold which is the best I’ve ever done at one of these events so I’m thrilled!

Friends came to the faire to visit me (Jarvis from Ferris State and Seven from my study abroad in Japan), my bestie Amanda took on the goliath of a Saturday and committed herself to over 12 hours of Emma Time, and I made some new friends as well. Some I met there (like the two lovely women in the booth next to me) and some I’ve ‘known’ for years (Squire Paul of the Rogue Blades show).

I made money. I made memories. I made connections.

All in all an amazing weekend,

Bye for now!

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