Emma *deep Vader breathing*, I am your father

Counterclockwise we have my Sidi, my Dad, and my bonus Dad Eric

I’ve been rich in parental figures over the years but yesterday we honored the dads. The padres. The chi-chi weis. The otou-sans. The abujeens. Well…you get the idea.

I made myself lol

My dad is the reason I’m a published author. He didn’t write the book for me or find me an agent. No, he did more.

He made me believe I could do those things.

Every time I meet someone who knows him they have nothing but wonderful things to say and it warms my heart to see the positive impact he’s made in the world.

While Ezra (main character of The Sword and Shield if you’re new) didn’t have a halfway decent father I personally won the Dad lottery.

Bye for now!

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