Space: The Final Frontier

Dang girl, is your phone’s camera equipped with the James Webb Space Telescope?

Because your selfies are out of this world!

Between the title of this week’s post and that Grade ‘A’ pick up line I start it with, if you didn’t know I was a nerd before you certainly should now.

And I’m not any ordinary nerd; the qualities that make me so are legion.

  1. Glasses (and I collect them)
  2. Hoarder of sci-fi and fantasy related knick-knacks/tchotchkes/books/movies
  3. A wealth of useless information
  4. Puns
  5. A childhood dream of being Sally Ride when I grew up
  6. A zest for administrative duties

“But Emma,” you say, “What do you mean ‘zest for administrative duties’? That seems a bit random.”

Good reader, you are 1000% correct. It is random. But let me tell you, administrative tasks like creating spreadsheets, drafting new training documents, and outlining policies and procedures bring me so much joy. It’s a skill set that has come in handy, benefitting me in both upward trajectory of my career as well as mentally. No one wants to do menial/rudimentary administrative tasks that they find boring. It’s why Mr. Incredible had such a hard time working in insurance. It simply wasn’t his jam.

Give me some music and fun accoutrements to adorn my desk and I’m a happy camper!

All this to say the new job is going GREAT!

bye for now!

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