Success at the Faire!

My lovely sister at my booth

Keychains: 17
Earrings: 7
Books: 44
Signs: 1

This year for Mother’s Day weekend I drove to Marshall, Michigan to sell my book for a second time at the Royal Stagg Renaissance Faire! Above are the figures from a weekend of sales, knocking last year’s numbers out of the park. If you’re wondering about the non-book items, when I have time I craft things from resin including, but not limited to: self defense keychains and jewelry. I figure Ezra (The Sword and Shield‘s main character) would wholeheartedly approve of cute accessories that double as weapons. So it works.

This coming weekend I’ll be just south of Lansing, Michigan at the Eaton County Fairgrounds for Magical Realm Fantasy Faire!

The feature Magical Realm did on me for their Facebook page!

It would be amazing to meet anyone who is in the area and wants to have a great day at the faire. If you already have a copy of my book and bring it to be signed I’ll also provide you with free Sword and Shield stickers! Or if you don’t have a physical copy as of yet feel free to come buy a copy directly from the author.

The above link has all the details of the event.

I hope to see you there,

Bye for now!

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