Adventures in Editing

fae fat.jpg

While the editing process rarely yields anything resembling joy, I was granted a brief respite from my suffering when Grammarly decided to fat shame a faerie.  It was all downhill from there though.

This isn’t an edit of Sword and Shield.  That particularly grueling process came to an end and was sent to my agent to forward on to a new batch of publishers.  No.  This particular set of edits is for my second book, Seer.  And I know I posted that it was going to be a set of two books but there just wasn’t enough content to make that happen without drawing things out unnecessarily.

The ‘final’ count for this book is a whopping 107,000 words and if it were on paper it would be sopping wet with my blood, sweat, and tears.  But rather than submit it as is, I’m combing over it with a fine tooth comb so it can be passed on to publishers with its best foot forward.

For those of you who aren’t writers, you should know that editing sucks.  It is the process of taking something that was perfectly fine until minutia like grammar and proper English had to butt in on their high horses and state that more work had to be done.

So here I sit in my local Panera, procrastinating by taking the time to write this blog post when I should be going through the staggering 2447 mistakes that Grammarly picked up.

Ah, well.

Back to work.

Bye for now!

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