Write What You Know: The Sequel


So a few weeks ago I broached on the subject of Write What You Know, and today I’m going to expand on it. More specifically, I’m going to go into detail about how you can simulate some of the adventures your characters may go on:

Zipline = Flying – Whether your character is winged, or just imbued with the power of flight, it is a singular sensation that deserves to be described in great detail. The elation, the butterflies, the stinging sensation as the wind whips hair into your face. The rush.

Roller Coaster = Dragon Flight – Now flying on your own power is one thing, but riding a giant winged biped is something else entirely. Or quadraped. Your dragon can have as many legs as you want it to.

Space Walking = Float Spa – The weightlessness of space can best be achieved by getting in one of those planes that takes practiced nosedives, simulating the lack of gravity. However, most of us can’t afford to take a ride via Parabolic Flight so here is a less expensive route. Sensory Deprivation Tanks aka Float Spas are becoming increasingly popular and the pricing is actually pretty reasonable ($59)

Those are some of the fun experiences you can try to simulate. For the other, less fun experiences that we put our characters through I can only offer google. Try to find first-hand accounts as they will be the most accurate.

And if you truly want to know what it’s like to be shot, go to a paintball course.

Bye for now!

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