I recently held a contest on my Tiktok account page3master for a signed copy of my book. I got a good amount of engagement as far as likes/comments/shares considering it was my first time trying anything like this. That being said, I know a lot of my followers don’t have or are not interested inContinue reading “Tiktok”

Baby’s First Birthday & A Foreshadowed Change

Effective this past Friday, March 26th, The Sword & Shield has been available to the public for a year. It is officially one year old, which hardly seems real but apparently it is so I can deal with that reality in a future therapy session. So many amazing opportunities and experiences have opened up toContinue reading “Baby’s First Birthday & A Foreshadowed Change”

Change is Coming

I don’t want to go into specifics now and jinx the as of yet uncertain outcome but if things go my way I will have a very positive/exciting announcement for all of you next week. Stay tuned and bye for now!

Happy? Anniversary & AUDIOBOOK

This past Saturday marked exactly one year, 365 days, since I was sent to work from home temporarily until covid was over. One year later and I might be going back to the office on a part time basis this fall/winter. At least, that’s what I’ve been told. It’s been a wackadoo 12 months, that’sContinue reading “Happy? Anniversary & AUDIOBOOK”

Criticism Can Be Scary

There’s a reason we don’t tell people their babies are ugly, that if they put a bow on their head it might distract from how lumpy and misshapen it is. There are actually many reasons but the one that is most relevant to this post is because that baby’s parents love it (and would probsContinue reading “Criticism Can Be Scary”

Sorry I Went M.I.A. Last Week

A lot was going on in my life last week and I had no mental energy to spare for a blog post. That being said, after a quick respite, I’m back on my A-Game! Updates in the life of Emma: My agent is shopping a children’s book I wrote out to publishing companies and ifContinue reading “Sorry I Went M.I.A. Last Week”

5 Ways I Found To Relieve Stress & Clear The Mind

So anyone who knows me knows I don’t handle stress well.  If at all.  Ok I don’t handle it, period.  The idea of this post came to me after a morning that I affectionately referred to as ‘2020 condensed’ and a ‘dumpster fire’ as well as a ‘fustercluck’. Over the past couple of months IContinue reading “5 Ways I Found To Relieve Stress & Clear The Mind”

The People Who Made Us

Whether you believe in nature or nurture, there is no denying that the people in our lives have a considerable effect on who we grow up to be. We are the sum of our parts and those parts are largely made up of the things in life that influence us. Music, current events, people bothContinue reading “The People Who Made Us”

Back to Reality (Ope There Goes Gravity)

Eminem I am very much not, but the line fell in line with my current emotions. I have been back from Florida for a week. Part of me (right before I clocked in on Monday) wished I’d taken the day off for the purposes of easing back into things. Part of me realized that I’dContinue reading “Back to Reality (Ope There Goes Gravity)”

Reading on the Beach is my Happy Place

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been feeling a bit worn down. Maybe it’s Seasonal Affective Disorder (damn you Michigan with your clouds and shit) or maybe it’s the realization that, just because the calendar changed that doesn’t mean anything else did. There’s still the same ignorance, hate, and bile that 2020 had. WithContinue reading “Reading on the Beach is my Happy Place”